Connecting Today’s Equipment
to Tomorrow’s Technology.

About Us

iO-TEQ is an Innovation Technology Company of custom software and hardware solutions that leverage the power of the Internet of Things

Our In-House Capabilities include:

- Engineering

- Software Development

- Hardware Manufacturing

- Field Installation

- Integration Services

We create Remotely Accessible Digital Technologies

that increase efficiencies, automate equipment, optimize operations, and increase ESG efforts across a multitude of legacy equipment.

With a specialty in the
Oil and Gas Market

iO-TEQ prides itself on industry expertise to fully understand the problem before developing a customized and often ‘one-off’ solution.

Trusted By Global Brands

We love to work with clients all over the world to develop unique, innovative and modern solution.


We let the use case determine the solution. While we often design and develop proprietary hardware solutions for our clients.

Putting the power in the palm of your hand.

In addition to developing proprietary hardware solutions for our clients, we also utilize our existing line of products not found: in any catalog. Our product evolution stemmed from having to invent a solution because there was not a piece of hardware available to achieve what we (or our clients) needed. Today our products can do what most others cannot, especially when coupled with our iO-TEQ software platforms.

Why try to make catalog hardware “make do” when you can get the exact hardware engineered for your specific use case scenario?

Data Intelligence IoT Gateways

  • Wi-Fi And Cellular Versions
  • First Industrial 600 Mhz Enable Cellular Gateway
  • Supports Widely Used Serial And Ethernet Industrial Protocol
  • Included Web HMI
  • Configurable Via Internet Browser
  • Supports Programming Via Simple Script Engine


  • Rugged Automation Controller
  • Doubles As Edge Computer
  • Modular Design
    • Analog Inputs Dash Outputs
    • Digital Inputs Dash Outputs
    • Can, Ethernet, Serial
  • IP65 – No Need of Containing Box
  • -40°C To 80°C Tested
  • Linux-Based – User Programmable


  • Industrial Wireless Protocol Transmitter
  • Supports Both Wi-Fi And 900 Mhz Radio Transmission On-Site
  • Protocol Translation from Majority Utilized In Operations Today
  • Connect to Any Laptop or PC for Display
  • iO-TEK IP On Core Components Of System


Showing our clients the art
of the possible

Often we start with a challenge or a specific “what if we could do this” from our clients. This is where our team blossoms to creatively develop an often one-off solution for that specific use case scenario. Many times we utilize or adapt our already individualistic hardware solutions and then couple with a tailored software solution.

We pride ourselves on taking on large challenges and innovating a unique solution that solves our client’s problems and gives them a competitive edge in today’s advancing market.



Don’t try to force a “one size fits all” software package to your unique requirements. We customize every software package to achieve your specific objectives, all while making it your own.

It’s that simple and THIS is when our clients realize the impact of what we call our “blank page-to-palm” approach. All our systems operate on our proprietary

iO-TEQ software system which can be easily adapted and modified. Our team develops the app that goes in the palm of your or even your customer’s hands.

From Start to Finish

iO-TEQ controls every step from concept to integration in-house.



To ensure success, we don’t stop at making a device, software, or some custom platform. iO-TEQ controls the process all the way through field installation and full software/application integration. Yes, we are frequently on rig platforms, frac sites, in data vans, and in command centers.

iO-TEQ is also here for support and service after integration. Innovation then becomes a process that we partner with our clients on. Our client’s success defines our success.

Management Team

Over 100 years of combined experience designing software and controls in applications across the globe.


Brad Brooks

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Inaki Izaguirre

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Blake Burnette

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What Challenge Can WeHelp You Overcome?

What Challenge Can We Help You Overcome?

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    Brad Brooks has held various leadership roles in the Energy Sector working with major service companies and start-ups as an Executive in the oil and gas industry. With more than 35 years of experience, he has a broad knowledge of oil field services in manufacturing, specializing in Hydraulic Fracturing, Cementing, Nitrogen/CO2, and Coiled Tubing Services.

    Brad has lead a US-based organization with growth of 132% over a 3-year period while increasing profit margin’s by 130% in the same timeframe. His extensive background combined with his business sense and knowledge of the industry gives him a unique perspective from both customers and a vendors view.

    Blake Burnette


    Blake Burnett is an engineering and technology executive in the oil and gas industry. With more than 30 years of experience, he has a broad knowledge of oil field services. In various positions, Blake has created efficiencies by identifying, developing, selling, and launching new technologies.

    He and the talented teams that he selects and develops have contributed to significant energy savings. Blake has supervised the construction of large-scale control systems and shipyards worldwide and has worked in 21 countries installing and troubleshooting oil field equipment.

    Inaki Izaguirre

    Chief Technology Officer

    Inaki (Izi) he has over 15 years of proven experience in embedded hardware and software design of industrial automation devices in a variety of sectors. He has created a variety of industrial products throughout his career that have proved a tremendous value across the industry.

    Izi is proficient in predominately all current software languages for embedded controls, as well as vast knowledge of industrial network communication protocols. He successfully started IZI Technologies, LLC, which was acquired by iO-TEQ in May 2017.

    Reach Out Today

    for a hassle-free discussion about the challenges facing and how we could help.

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      iO-TEQ 8902 FM 2920 Rd, Suite 100, Spring, TX. 77379